Neutrik NL-8 MPR Chassis Mount 8 Pole Connecters - Lot of 4

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Selling used genuine Neutrik model NL-8MPR chassis mount, 8 pole Speakon connectors. These used connectors are most commonly found on amp racks for professional sound systems using multiway bi-amped and tri-amped speaker systems. They have been completely cleaned up, all wire, labels and excess solder removed. The connectors are the original versions that have circular mounting flanges. Many prefer these because while they do take more space up on your rack panels, in use they offer a much easier grip for your hand on the NL-8 cable connector when you grab the NL-8 to twist it when you are locking or unlocking the cable. Ready to use on your amp rack output panels. These units all have silver metal face plates.

Selling in lots of 4 connectors.

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