McIntosh MA 6200 Integrated Amplifier - Vintage

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Excellent condition / Tested / Working 100% - Serviced by Bay Bloor Radio in Toronto July 2021.

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 The McIntosh MA6200, released in the United States in 1979, is a stereo integrated amplifier that sounds great and is built with quality. The McIntosh brand is world-famous in the world of audiophile amplifiers, and this model is no exception. Despite its release over 40 years ago, these McIntosh amps, including the MA6200, are still highly sought after, due to their excellent sound and exceptional build quality. It features McIntosh’s proprietary protection circuit, to prevent clipping distortion and speaker damage. The MA6200 has a rated output of 75 W per channel (8 ohms) and a THD of <0.05%. Not many other vintage amps have held their value so well over the years, and it is a clear indication of the quality of McIntosh that these amps have continued to do so. The MA6200 is a solid performer with an attractive design, with the iconic features that mark it as a McIntosh.

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