Eminence Delta Pro 18A Speakers

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Eminence Delta Pro 18A 18" sub-bass driver is a high power 18" pro audio subwoofer speaker. Cast frame, 8 ohm speaker has a large 67 oz. ferrite magnet structure, a 2.5" high power voice coil, and is a very efficient speaker at 96 db spl with 1 watt input. Rated for 1,000 watts program power handling by Eminence. 

Optimized for very small vented subwoofer systems, the Delta Pro 18A is one of the nicest general purpose high output 18" speakers out there - it has a sturdy cast frame, it takes tons of power, is very efficient, offers smooth frequency response with low distortion. An excellent value all in all.

Full specs here: http://www.eminence.com/speakers/speaker-detail/?model=Delta_Pro_18C 

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