Cerwin Vega 12" Foam Surround Kit

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Professional quality speaker surround repair kit for Cerwin Vega AT-12 or ATW-12 12" Cerwin Vega speakers.  Made in the USA, Santon Audio offers only the highest quality high density polyether foam surrounds.  These surrounds are exact replacements, double laminated with black foam on the back and a red poly coating on the top.  


These foams will also fit the following Cerwin Vega speakers:


12T 25 12-W-3  12-4W
122D-2 122T-2 123-W L-122
122W-2 211-R 311 312
313 36-R 39-P 1210.1230
217-R 280-SE A-123 CD-70
CH-124 CV-12B CVW-12 DC-12-W
D-6 / D-7 


  •  DCW-12, DXW3, DXW-12, E-312, E-712, HED 1230, HTW-122, L1211, L-121-4, W12-4, W124, W-121-4, W12-4,W124, W-121-4, LS-12,R-123, R-26, RW-12-D, S-1,SW-12, SW12-B, U-12, U-12-HED, U-123-HED, U321, U-321-HED, UT-12R,VS-12, VS-120, VSW-12, VSW-12, VW-12-P, W12-4, XL-12S, XL-12S, XL-120, and more. 

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