Boston Acoustics 8" Refoam Kit

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Boston Acoustics 8" Refoam Kit Includes: 

  • 2 x Boston 8" angle attach foams surrounds 
  • 1 oz. WD1 Speaker Adhesive 
  • Part # SF- Boston 8

    Can be used with the following Boston Acoustics models: A60, A70, HD8, T830, T1030 and more 


    Surround O.D.  7.75" 
    Cone O.D.  6" 
    Surround I.D.  5.5"


    These foams will fit many Boston 8" speaker models that have an angled attachment to cone (check for correct dimensions). These are very unique surrounds because the angled part that attaches to the cone is straight. Model #'s include A60 series 1 & II and A70 series 1 & II, HD8, T830, T1030 and many more. For the HD8 woofers, you may have to trim 1/8" off the outside of the surround to fit inside the recessed lip of the basket.

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