Advent 10" Metal Foam Surround Kit

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The 10" Advent Metal foam surround kit comes with two foams and a 1 oz bottle of WD-1 speaker adhesive - Everything you need to complete your refoam job and restore your speakers to like-new sound quality. 

Dimensions: 9.250" OD  x  7.125" ID - 10" METAL FRAME ADVENT - Also fits  Dalquist DQ10

 These foams fit the following models: Advent 1, Advent 2, Advent 3, Advent 4, 2004, 4002, 5000, 5002, 5012, 2201474, 2208725 (10-990-536), 2208303, 2208917, 10990422, 10990536, 10990605, 25th Anniversary, A2, A3, A4, Anniversary, New Large Advent, NLA, NLA's, Powered Advent, Advent Utility, U3, U4 and others that match the measurements above.

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