Adamson MH225 Mid / High Cabinet

  • Adamson MH225 Mid / High Cabinet

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Adamson MH225 Mid / High Cabinets - 

We have recently refurbished 10 of Adamson's former flagship speaker cabinet - Featuring the innovative Waveguide technology that put Adamson on the map. The MH225 features a high power 10" woofer and 2" compression driver horn loaded for extreme SPL levels. 

Designed to be used with the B218 subwoofer, the pair combine to be one of the most compact and efficient PA rigs available, all at a fraction of the price they once cost. 

Local pickup is preferred, but freight shipping can be arranged by request. 

Excerpt from interview with Brock Adamson discussing the history of the MH225: 

Brock Adamson: "We got started with the acoustic waveguide and the MH225 was the result of thinking about that approach and seeking out a solution to horn structures that would give us that controlled let-down off-axis, which they do very well. 
"There's a great learning experience there with the waveguide boundary effects, and the acoustic particle movement inside the waveguides, horns and sound chambers and all that information came forward and affected the way we do line array sound chambers as well.  Some really good people — Geddes, Lipshitz, Heyser, Toole, Vanderkooy —  fed some really good information into my head there. You can't ask for a better braintrust than that and I was privileged to hear what they had to say."

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