When a speaker is damaged, often it is less expensive to recone it rather than replace the speaker completely. Reconing is the process of removing all the moving parts of a speaker and replacing them with new parts while reusing the frame and magnet structure. A single speaker can reconed many times over the course of its life, saving you hundreds of dollars. A recone kit consists of a cone, spider, voice-coil, lead wires, dust cap and gaskets.

When should I recone my speakers?

A full recone is usually necessary if you notice any of the following:

  •  The voice coil is rubbing (sounds like metal scraping against metal when the speaker is in motion). This is the most common failure and can occur for various reasons.
  •  The suspension (surround, spider) are fatigued, leaving the speaker sloppy and loose.
  •  Glue failure – Speakers rely on industrial adhesives to maintain their form, when this glue fails speakers often need to be reconed, though sometimes can simply be re-glued (depending on the condition of the parts).
  •  Damaged spider or cone – When possible, we try to replace just the damaged cone or spider, but more often than and not a complete recone is a wise investment.

We offer both original recone parts (when available) and after-market parts for most major speaker manufacturers.



If your speaker looks like this, you need a recone: 


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