Santon Audio FL-110 Compact 10" Floor Monitors

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Up for sale here is one new and unused Santon Audio model FL-110 wedge monitor speaker system. We have been working for some time on developing a small-footprint wedge monitor that would give excellent sonic performance like the very nice JBL SRX wedges, at a price that weekend warrior bands could reasonably expect to pay.

We started with a small footprint cabinet, made of 100% Baltic Birch plywood, and finished in the same pro-grade Duratex textured paint used by EAW and others. The cabinet is loaded with a high power 10" cast-frame driver from 18 Sound, along with the impressive Selenium ST-200 bullet tweeter, coupled via a high capacity internal passive crossover network. All the hardware on the box is professional quality - Sessions recessed handle, custom made epoxy coated 14 GA steel grille, Neutrik NL-4 connector, rubber feet on both sides. The box has two angles to it so you can decide depending on your height which angle is best - shallow or steeper.

The result of all this is the FL-110 monitor, and I am really proud of how well it turned out. As you can see from the picture above where the FL-110 is shown next to a JBL EON 15 cabinet, the FL-110 is nice and small. The speaker is smooth throughout it's entire frequency range, meaning you get both excellent tone from it, but also maximum gain before feedback, unlike the other cheaper wedges I have tried. This is especially important for smaller bands who use powered mixers with very basic 7 or 9 band eq's which don't offer the razor sharp equalization capability that professional 1/3 octave eq's provide. The speaker's output level is surprisingly loud, more than ample for the small stages all of us weekend bands usually work on. The power handling of the FL-110 is conservatively set at 200 watts. As it's small size would lead you to expect, it's deep bass performance is limited, and I would not suggest it as a good drum monitor unless a small sub was under it, but that is also true of the $1,200 JBL SRX wedge as well. I am sure you will find cheaper units than the FL-110 available here on eBay, but not with the build quality and professional grade components we used for the FL-110!

Finally, professional users will be attracted to the FL-110's small size and low sightlines for all sorts of applications where stunning rock levels are not required - I have used them in all sorts of soft seater venues (usually doubled per mic) with excellent results. The NL-4 input connectors makes rewiring for bi-amplification a snap as well.





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