Fostex N30 Replacement Diaphragm

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      • 8 ohm
      • Overall diaphragm diameter 1 3/4-in or 45mm
      • Overall length 2 3/4-in or 70mm
      • Voice coil diameter 1-in or 25mm

This diaphragm has a copper voice coil on a Nomex former and a Phenolic dome just like the original Fostex / Foster diaphragm.

This diaphragm will handle the same amount of power, and sounds the same as the original Fostex / Foster diaphragms, guaranteed!


This diaphragm fits the following models:  

Foster and Fostex N30, 025H30, 025H27, H025N30, H025N27, H025N08, FT300H, N08, PHT-404, PHT-405, PHT-406, PHT-408, PHT-410, PHT-411, PHT-412, PHT-413, PHT404, PHT405, PHT406, PHT408, PHT410, PHT411, PHT412, PHT413, PH-404, PH-405, PH-406, PH-408, PH-410, PH-411, PH-412, PH-413, PH404, PH405, PH406, PH408, PH410, PH411, PH412, PH413, HT-404, HT-405, HT-406, HT-408, HT-410, HT-411, HT-412, HT-413, HT404, HT405, HT406, HT408, HT410, HT411, HT412, HT413, PAD26S driver / horn.

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